Scott Richardson

AQR Capital Management

Scott Richardson is a Principal at AQR Capital Management, where he is the co-head of Fixed Income and a senior member of the Research and Portfolio Management team He is also involved with the equity research for the firm’s Global Stock Selection group. Prior to AQR, he was a professor at London Business School, where he still teaches MBA and PhD classes.

He has held senior positions at BlackRock (Barclays Global Investors), including head of Europe equity research and head of global credit research, where he oversaw research and investment decisions at BGI for both total return and absolute return products across credit and equity markets. He began his career as an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

He is an editor of the Review of Accounting Studies and has published extensively in leading academic and practitioner journals. In 2009, he won the Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award for his work on earnings quality and accruals.

He earned a BEc with first-class honors from the University of Sydney and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Michigan.