Previous Grants


Alex Edmans, Assistant Professor of Finance
The Real Effects of Disclosure and Empirical Evidence of Managerial Myopia

Emilie Feldman, Assistant Professor of Management
Managerial Incentive Alignment in Corporate Spinoffs

Todd Gormley, Assistant Professor of Finance
Regulatory Uncertainly and Investment and Agency Conflicts and Financial Distress

Gregory Nini, Assistant Professor of Finance
An Exploration of Contracts and Incentives in Collateralized Loan Obligations

Michael Roberts, Professor of Finance
100 Years of Capital Structure: The Leveraging of Corporate America and
Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Bank Lending

Nikolai Roussanov, Assistant Professor of Finance
International Trade, Currency Risk Premia and Cost of Equity Capital

Ivan Shaliastovich, Assistant Professor of Finance
Foreign Exchange Risk Premia: Evidence from Option Markets

Luke Taylor, Assistant Professor of Finance
Estimating Returns to Scale in Active Portfolio Management

Maisy Wong, Assistant Professor of Real Estate
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities and Special Services

Amir Yaron, Professor of Finance (with Ivan Shaliastovich)
Dynamic CAPM with Time Varying Asset Risk Exposures

Christine Dobridge, PhD Candidate in Finance
Political Risk and Stock Market Outcomes

William Mann, PhD Candidate in Finance (with Michael Roberts)
Quantifying the Costs of Renegotiation